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The rise of the grey vote: cultural backlash?

Explanations of why people voted for Brexit, Donald Trump or so-called populist parties in the EU are often characterised as either 'cultural' or 'economic' – that is, values or identity-based, versus social class or economic, ...

Exploring the causes of persistent corruption

Corruption impedes equitable development, destabilizes societies, and undermines the institutions and values of democracy. It is viewed by many as one of the world's greatest problems. According to a Gallup poll, a majority ...

What will be the motivation for terrorism by 2040?

Manuel Ricardo Torres Soriano, professor from the Politic Sciences, Public Law and Administration Department at Universidad Pablo de Olavide, who specializes in jihadist terrorism analysis, insurgent forces and radical movements, ...

Lowest level of fatalities in organised violence in seven years

New data from the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP), Uppsala University shows that in 2018 the number of fatalities in organised violence reached the lowest level in seven years. However, the large share of internationalised ...

Sexual violence is a driver of women's political mobilization

Sexual violence in armed conflict does not necessarily silence women. On the contrary, sexual violence can be a driver of women's political mobilization for peace and women's rights, a dissertation from the University of ...

How the urban-rural divide shapes elections

Location, location, location—the popular real estate mantra can also be used to describe why American elections today turn out the way they do, says Stanford political scientist Jonathan Rodden. According to his new research, ...

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